How to Modify a Hario Skerton

(or, how to make a poor man’s electric burr grinder)

There are some crazy articles out there on modifying a Hario Skerton to remove wobble, grind more finely, cook your eggs, etc.

Which is great and all, but I'm more concerned with being lazy efficiency.

So, one day while the minutes passed (minutes!) grinding my coffee, I said to myself, hmm, I wonder if I could hook this up to my drill…

You can, and it’s easy. You need:

The crank shaft on the Skerton is a threaded rod, so just remove the screw and handle, screw on the coupling nut, and you’re good to go.

Just think of what you can accomplish with all those seconds of your life back!

Some day I’ll spring for the upgrade, but until then, this is doing the trick.

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